Vinyasa Krama Principles

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We offer private individual and group sessions in the Huntsville, Madison, Athens, Decatur and surrounding communities. Our upcoming Vinyasa Krama workshops are open to the public. Click on link to the right for more details.

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3 Articles on Breathing

As many of you may know, I lived and taught yoga in St. Petersburg, FL for many years. I wrote these three blog pieces about the breath for some yogi friends who formed The Body Electric Company.

So many of you are asking questions about the breath, so I hope this helps to illuminate the conversation we are having on and off the mat!

Attend to the Breath, Part 1

Attend to the Breath, Part 2: Energetics

Attend to the Breath, Part 3: Mechanics


Photo credit: Image from Yoga Anatomy, by Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Matthews, used by permission.

How We Teach Yoga

Kerry's teaching approach links posture with breath, typically called Vinyasa. Students practice integrated patterns of breath, movement, and awareness from the very beginning. This system of techniques works well for new students, even in cases of limited mobility and injury. Expect clear and simple direction on Yoga practice.

I am available for private yoga sessions. These sessions can be a way for students to learn basic postures before integrating into group sessions, and to individualize the practice so they are optimally effective.