Free Yoga at the Athens Library

I teach a free class once per month at the Athens Library. We'll meet at 10:30-11:30a.m. on every second Thursday.


We offer private individual and group sessions in the Huntsville, Madison, Athens, Decatur and surrounding communities.

Contact: or phone: 256-975-6820. Connect with us on FB!

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Yoga of Reparations

I am sure it's already obvious to those of you interacting with me regularly on-line or in person that I believe we, white people in general, owe reparations to African and Indigenous people. In the United States, white people have 22 times the wealth of black people. There is a material and historical explanation for this wealth disparity. And since yoga communities tend to be white and affluent, I think it's especially important for us to look at this issue. I wrote an article about this for Uhuru Solidarity Movement. Please use the link below to read more. And if you would like to contribute to redressing this problem, I teach Yoga classes for reparations at Zenzele Consignment regularly. All the funds raised by those classes goes directly to black/African communities.


How We Teach Yoga

Kerry's teaching approach links posture with breath, typically called Vinyasa. Students practice integrated patterns of breath, movement, and awareness from the very beginning. This system of techniques works well for new students, even in cases of limited mobility and injury. Expect clear and simple direction on Yoga practice.

I am available for private yoga sessions. These sessions can be a way for students to learn basic postures before integrating into group sessions, and to individualize the practice so they are optimally effective. The public classes I teach about once per month are generally appropriate for people of all levels of experience.