Private Yoga Sessions

Since March, I have been teaching almost exclusively online. I am using several formats as I experiment with the best way to reach students. So far, I have found that a combination of platforms is what works best. I am teaching some classes live by Zoom. I am also recording full practices from my Youtube channel for students to use as reference videos. I am doing Q and A type lessons via live videos inside my private FB group: Yoga with Kerry Dawn Porter. 

To date, I have lots of catalogued material and am working toward a more cohesive way of utilizing all these formats. I think we will be doing virtual classes on going for the indefinite future. If you are new to Yoga or just new to me, we would likely work together in a live format for regular sessions one-on-one to establish some familiarity with each other and with the techniques. Beyond that... there will be opportunities to join virtual group sessions with my established students.

Email Kerry to discuss in detail: