Folding In, a donations based Vinyasa class

Donations based Vinyasa: Mill Kat Healing Arts

806 Governor’s Drive, Suite 102 in Huntsville, AL

Saturday, July 10 @ 1pm


Folding In...


This will be a moderately paced vinyasa class focusing on the exhale technique. The postural work will feature forward folds and twists in standing, supine, and seated positions. Though the postures are not in themselves difficult, I would describe this work as intermediate. Meaning: if you have an established movement practice or some experience with vinyasa based approaches, I think you will love the deeper level exploration of breath architecture. However, if you have never practiced yoga, or are wholly unfamiliar with vinyasa, you might be overwhelmed. If you have questions or concerns about your participation, please feel free to call me (info below).


Because this is a donations based class, I’m encouraging anyone who is interested to participate, even if that means just observing. I have been teaching for almost 2 decades with the last half of that dedicated to a more therapeutically oriented approach. If your only experience of vinyasa is through the more athletic forms of the practice, you will find this work pleasantly approachable.


I will be offering the class in person for up to 10 students, and any number can practice by Zoom. The best way to register your interest is to email or call me. I am going to keep a list of folks who are planning to attend and send everyone the Zoom link and online payment option. You can also pay by cash or check in person or by mail. All proceeds will go to Zenzele Consignment, a local non-profit featuring African clothes, products, and cultural events.


Kerry Porter


Sat, 07/10/2021 - 1:00pm