Out with the Old

It’s that time of year when we say, “out with the old, in with the new,” and then resolve some resolution. This is the correct order, in fact, but we often hasten through or skip entirely the process of removing the old. We stuff ourselves with the new only to upchuck our resolutions by the end of February :)

There are some deeper teachings of Yoga that concern our need for this ritual of renewal… for an outward gesture that transforms our inner experience. These teachings advise us to BURN that which no longer serves us (a subject of inquiry in itself). In fact, many of the techniques employed in a breath centered practice are most concerned with generating heat! It is hard, sweaty work to burn old habits and patterns of being that may have served us in the past, but stand in the way of a more spacious experience of ourselves and the world we inhabit NOW.

The teachings are also clear on this point: do the work of removing the un-necessary, the wasteful, the untrue… and there arises an experience of support and spaciousness in the system that was there all along. Intrinsic to the structure. Already available.

From this perspective, our work, our practice, is to remove everything in the way of our experience of this support.

I invite you to forget about resolutions for the New Year and focus on the work of clearing out dysfunctional ways of thinking, moving and breathing. The pathways that arise in that process ARE the new!


For an accessible at-home practice sequence, check out my Warrior 2 youtube vid.