The Spiral

The importance of this shape to experiential practices and to understanding how life moves within and without is difficult to convey. I am only now just beginning to understand.

This image was given to me by my son... unsolicited. I squealed and then cried. He must be listening to his mama with his heart because the discovery of this shape in my practice and it’s full meaning has revolutionized my thinking and being.

Understand, I pretty much obsess over geometric shapes. I spent about three years on triangles, two years on arcs, another two on spheres and now… finally… spirals. It came as an epiphany. I am interested primarily in the geometry of movement… how shapes arise in human form and how the forces of gravity and it’s rebound travel through our human system.

Spirals are the shape of information transmission. Spirals create energetic springs. Spirals combined with breath are the essence of Vinyasa Yoga.

If this is as clear as mud, please understand it is not meant to add to your data base. You don’t have to understand it conceptually. If you are practicing with me, you are practicing for the EXPERIENCE of this shape. You will know it is in full effect when your breath and movement become so effortless it feels like you are doing NOTHING AT ALL…