Training in Clarksville, GA

Date: January 12 and 13

Time: Friday 6-8pm; $25

          Saturday 12:30-2pm; $35

Weekend package: $50

Location: Anatahsara Yoga in Clarksville GA;

Yoga is simple and helpful; and breath is foundational to Yoga. If you are curious about a pragmatic and versatile method for regulating your body's rhythms and habits of being, these classes are for you. This approach is not exercise based, and is accessible for most bodies. We will learn how to observe the breath, and explore various techniques that lead to a greater sense of ease around breathing. I teach classes so that each participant is prepared for a daily, personal practice. Dedicating just a few minutes a day to observing and exploring the breath can make a big difference in how well we understand the role of breath in our moods, attention span, and ease in the body. We will learn how all aspects of our experience can be nourished through regular, personal practice.

Friday 6-8pm ($25): Langhuna
We will explore an evening practice where the emphasis is on the exhale, on dialing down, on attention to soft release.

Saturday 10am (regularly scheduled All levels class): Bramhana
We will explore a morning practice where the emphasis is on the inhale, bandha, and alert attention.

Saturday 12:30pm ($35): Practical Applications of Breath Centered Yoga
We will explore only the most basic, pragmatic postures and a relaxation, with an emphasis on working with populations in a mental health context. I have taught this Yoga to thousands of patients in recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol during their most acute phase of detox. My classes at Bradford, an in-patient rehabilitation hospital, can be quite large (upwards of 15) and there are numberous physical, mental, emotional, and social disorders that complicate a teaching context such as this. And yet, our focus will be on what is going right, on what we can do, and how it can be of use to our most vulnerable in society.  Bring your beginner's mind to this lesson.

Format: Classes will be a combination of standing, prone, seated and reclined postures with time for questions and discussion. Participants will receive a take home practice with each session.

Fri, 01/12/2018 - 6:00pm