Kerry Porter

I am interested in how the techniques of Yoga practice illuminate our patterns of thought, breath, and posture. I emphasize the importance of cultivating sensory awareness, functional movement, and clear thinking about practice. Yoga is a path toward integration.

I have done most of my studies via mentors. I describe Antonin Nenov pretty well in my blog because I was working privately with him for several years in Tampa, right up until I opened the studio. It was intense and disciplined training... an approach I would describe as 'energetic' with an emphasis on understanding Yoga Sutras. As I began teaching more and more to individuals in private and semi-private formats, which happened largely as a result of the influence of my work with Tony, it became apparent that I needed to study the work of yoga therapists. I am now mentoring with Jaime Ortega, who teaches out of NYC.

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Antonin Nenov

Antonin Nenov, 500 R.Y.T., grew up in Eastern Europe having a deep interest in spiritual teachings. In 1990 Antonin moved to New York where he was able to practice various styles of yoga for the next 10 years. He went on to further his studies in India with A.G.Mohan and Indra Mohan. Antonin teaches a unique blend of yoga techniques adapted for the individual needs. Antonin believes that yoga is a process leading to personal integration in all aspects of life.