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Free Yoga at the Athens Library

I teach a free class once a week at the Athens Library. We meet at 5:30-6:30pm on Thursdays. For more info on the classes via the library's website, click here. Namaste'

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Kerry Porter
Training in Clarksville, GA

Date: Saturday, August 4

Time: 10:30am-noon ($20); 1:30-4:30pm ($30)

Cost: $45 for both sessions

Location: Anatahsara Yoga in Clarksville GA;

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Kerry Porter
Public Class with Jaime Ortega

Saturday June 9 @ 1-3pm

Class description: TBA Open to public and accessible

Location: Updog Yoga in downtown Athens

Cost: $20


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Yoga Sutras Study Group: Session 1 INTRO

What is Yoga? If you have tried to grapple with this question, you may have encountered myriad answers to it. Pātañjali presented a clear model of yoga, its practice, results and ultimate goal. His Yoga Sūtra-s offer a universal perspective of our human nature, and our possibilities. But are the Yoga Sūtra-s relevant to us?

The message of the Sūtra can resonate with us and deepen our lives and practice. The study of the Sanskrit meaning, and the practice of chanting the Sūtra-s brings clarity to the text, revealing more subtle layers of meaning and understanding.

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Yoga of Reparations

Date/Time: Every second Wednesday of the month. Upcoming: June 13 with Jaime Ortega and July 11 with Ryan Travis.

Location: Zenzele Consignment @ 2205-F University Dr. (Northwood Shopping Plaza) in Huntsville

Cost: $20 or $30/pair

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Kerry Porter