Free Yoga on FB: Helium Everywhere

Prior to March of this year, I had no intentions around online Yoga. I have had to adjust my work to meet the needs of a handful of private students who wanted to continue practicing safely. That meant figuring out how to create content for online platforms. In addition, many of my collegues all over have been grappling with the same dilemma. 

I've recently joined up with a collective of teachers, who are really friends of mine. Helium Everywhere is based in New Zealand but we also have teachers stateside, including me. I'm going to be teaching one FB live session per week on Mondays at 5pm CST from this page. I'll then re-post it to my North Alabama Yoga Company FB page. There will be lots of other free classes and offerings coming from Heliums page if you want to hit the "like" button there.

Over the next few months, expect an updated site here. I'm going to be publishing blogs and new content via Youtube and otherwise. I'm in a mood to create and build. While this is definitely not the direction I was intenting to go in... it's now the direction I am taking. Cheers!