Sitting Quietly on a Mountain

If I asked you to imagine you are sitting quietly on a mountain, overlooking a valley of tall and elegant trees... I suspect you'd have no problems imagining that! Not only do you have that picture available to you in your waking life, you have likely been cued to imagine something similar to that in the context of practicing Yoga. It is a common strategy to use imagery that evokes some quality within us that perhaps a more narrative or linear approach does not.

Imagine you are sitting quietly on a mountain. Stay with that image, please.

The term we use for imagery used in the context of practice is "bhavana." And in this practice and workshop, we'll use bhavana to explore qualities in our standing and sitting postures. Our goal will be to move toward stability and steadiness of mind. This will be a moderately paced, basic asana practice with simple breath work. In the afternoon session, we'll work more closely with Sutra 1:33, which gives us some insight into how we might approach quieting our minds. We'll also look at the morning practice with an eye on the mechanics. My intention is to teach a simple practice, which you will then be able to do independently for weeks or months following our time together.

This practice and workshop will be accessible for most bodies.

TBA @ Antahsara Yoga Shala in Clarksville, GA

Cost: $50 for 3 hours instruction

While not a retreat format, anyone from anywhere is welcome to attend. I will be updating this workshop description with exact times and travel plans very soon.

Sat, 08/28/2021 - 10:00am